Family and Divorce

At a difficult time in your own life, you face a difficult process of disentangling two lives. Family, community, household, property, cash flow, children – everything is up in the air.

Massachusetts family mediation

Mediation can help you through the separation process in a way that may preserve your dignity and give you more say in the outcome than a full-blown litigation. Often, over 3-5 sessions of a couple of hours each, couples can work out all the legal system needs and establish a cooperative relationship if ongoing connection will be required, like with children. After the separation, it can help resolve issues that may come up such as child support and custody. We work with both traditional and non-traditional families.

As the rare transactional business lawyer who has experience with family matters, Jeff can provide an extra layer of help when there is a family business. He understands the language of both your marriage and your company and will look for opportunities to reach closure.

If you are another lawyer or mediator, we can also help you with the business aspects of your case, either behind the scenes or with your client. Whether your concern is with valuation methodology, corporate structure, protections for minority owners or post-separation financing, we can work together to provide your clients with depth of experience in multiple fields so they have more satisfactory outcomes.

Please note that our family practice is limited to mediation and collaborative law, as opposed to counseling or litigation.