For Litigators

You are a litigator or experienced litigant. You’ve been through mediation before. Why choose Jeff as the mediator for your case?

Massachusetts family mediation


  • With decades of transactional experience, he understands business and see things through the lens of someone who get deals done.
  • With years of experience as outside general counsel and working within organizations of many sizes, he is well-positioned to understand the inner workings of your client’s decisionmaking process – and that of the other side. An individual makes a decision differently than someone who is concerned about how a settlement makes her look to her superiors.
  • With years of experience managing litigation for clients, he is well-positioned to understand the posture of your case and what it means for settlement prospects. He can also translate the legal language of case to the parties if called for.
  • As a mediator who is not tied to a particular methodology, he can craft an approach that appropriate for your particular dispute.

Perhaps you have seen the New York State Bar Association’s 2011 Survey of Mediation Users, which quoted respondents who asked whether mediation is a “’catalyst to help parties reach agreement’ that is a ‘joy when it works,’ or ‘lots of conversation’ that’s often a ‘waste of time’?” According to one, the answer was:

“Even unsuccessful mediations help you understand the passion and determination of each side, give you the opinion of a neutral on the merits of your case [in cases that call for a more evaluative process] and keep the settlement channels open for future discussions.”

Beyond that, in terms of process, you have probably seen the 2008 Report of the American Bar Association Taskforce on Improving Mediation Quality:

“It is clear that mediation users, both parties and lawyers, want mediators to be actively engaged in helping them to settle their dispute. Complaints about ‘potted plant’ mediators were ubiquitous.”

Jeff will not be a potted plant!