Legal Support Massachusetts


Like all businesses, yours needs legal support from time to time.


Business services

We can help you with many general legal needs, including:
  • Business formation and dissolution
  • Employment and shareholder agreements
  • Partnership and limited liability company agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Routine business operations
  • Joint ventures and other business combinations

Contentious Issues

We also help with more complicated and contentious issues, such as:
  • Partner disputes, including “business divorce”
  • Family business disputes
  • Separating the family business in divorce

Settlement Counsel

If you are headed towards or in litigation, consider whether a new party in the mix might help you and your litigation counsel come up with creative solutions to breaking the logjam. Settlement counsel who is brought in for limited representation can be helpful.

Networking to provide you with full service

As a former big-firm lawyer, Jeff knows the value of having a large network of professionals to help clients as their needs become complex. If a project is outside our areas of expertise or firm resources, we can refer you to one of the trusted advisors in our network who specializes in what you need, whether it’s full-blown litigation, intellectual property, tax, environmental matters, contested family matters or securities offerings. We can also help you manage specialists to control costs.

Ongoing Work

If your business needs counsel on a regular basis, a fixed fee or retainer billing system may work better for you than hourly billing.  It’s like having a part-time general counsel.