Mediated Contract Preparation

Everyone looks forward to the future when  forming a new business or entering into a new business relationship.  No one wants to consider the downside or enter into contentious negotiations. Yet that may be the best time.

Worse yet, you may be involved in a deal that everyone wants but that is becoming contentious. Should you walk away?

Massachusetts mediation

Mediation is negotiation on steroids. With the help of an experienced business attorney, the process can help you identify issues and resolve them with less conflict than a typical adversarial process. It can be especially effective with partnerships and joint ventures. When all the parties to a conversation really do want to establish a long-term, profitable business relationship, there are ways for everyone to advance their agendas that don’t turn into a conflagration.

People have been applying ADR to contract preparation for a long time. In the labor world, interest arbitration has been used for almost a hundred years to let an arbitrator decide contract terms. Family lawyers have been mediating prenuptial agreements for years.  Why not bring these options into the business world?