Selected Publications

The following is a selection of published articles in addition to those posted on the blog and Kung Fu Mediation blog:

The Family Business in Divorce:  Issues for Mediators” –, June 2013 (previously published in Family Mediation Quarterly)

Options for Resolving Business Partner Disputes” –, May 2013

How to Prepare for Mediation” –, May 2013

The Family Business After Divorce” –, May 2013

A Narrative Approach to Business Partner Disputes” –, April 2013

Business Partner Trouble-A Short Quiz” –, April 2013

Working Together After Divorce” –, April 2013

Collaborative Law:  A New Way to Resolve Civil Disputes” –, April 2013

“A Guide to Your Limited Liability Company or Partnership Documentation” –, January 2013

“A Guide to Your Corporate Documentation” –, January 2013

“How to Deal With a Business Partner Dispute” –, September 2012